Nope. This is a common misconception. Typically, trucks carry shipping containers on both the first and last legs of the journey. Trains handle the business in-between, hauling them cross-country

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Photo courtesy of ViacomCBS Always suggest a rail conceptual and consult your utility partners. A picture is worth a thousand words and can save you thousands of dollars in mistakes & mishaps. MONEY(& FACE)-SAVING CONCEPT + CONVO: Concept courtesy of…

Probably more than you'd think. Track curvature is a major factor in determining if and where a site can be rail-served. If there's not enough room to get the train onto the site safely, then it can't be served. Generally,…

  QUESTION #1 OF 5: What products will be received and/or distributed via rail? A: Clients must analyze costs. A product's dimensions and weight determine its shipping route and special handling requirements (heyyy kid gloves). Some shipping routes have height…

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