A: Rail may (or may not) be the best transportation option. Unlike road trips with Clark Griswald, a long-distance haul is a good idea when it comes to rail. Rail is typically the best option if a product is travelling…

Visit ncrr.com/railevant to view past Rail Mail content for the answers to the crossword puzzle.

Joseph Pinkney Clark (a.k.a., Uncle Pink) and his distinguished 'stache are seen riding a track inspection bike, circa 1910. Don't miss the oil lamp attached to the front wheel. Photo courtesy of Ancestry.com and Elizabeth C. Gathright of Batesville, V.A.…

Heavy: (think giant generators) (80,000 lbs+) OR Awkward-shaped: (think wind turbines) (>10'6" W; >15'6" H; >60' & <18' L) OR Massive quantities: (think sand, soybeans, orange juice) AND Travelling long distances: (>800 miles)

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