Rail Expertise & Service

Engineering & Construction

Our project team leads the industry with engineering expertise for rail infrastructure, including design, standards compliance, track construction, ownership, and maintenance services. Additionally, our team provides guidance and best practices for contractors, surveyors, and utilities for accessing the corridor.
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Economic Development Programs

NCRR has four economic development programs: NCRR Invests, Build Ready Sites, Brownfields, and Microgrants. These programs allow for investment funding for site development, engineering, design, construction, and other costs of rail infrastructure needs and/or location expansion, to increase job creation, boost freight rail usage, and promote economic growth across the state.
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Flagging & Safety

Our flagging and safety services allow for qualified Roadway Worker-in-Charge (RWIC) and flaggers to ensure safety and coordination during construction, repair, and maintenance projects. These workers are experienced Class I and II railroad industry veterans, trained to offer competitive and readily available services.
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Our team provides project management, land use consulting, value engineering, multi-modal supply chain, and commodity flow analysis reports for industries and organizations. These services enhance data-driven decision-making and help clients direct business strategy and response to changing market conditions.
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Industrial Sites & Storage

Our team leverages our unique assets to provide transloading and storage, property suitability analysis for laydown space, and railcar leasing stewardship. These services help companies streamline their shipping and logistics needs for moving commodities across the state.
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