A Look Forward

Our Future

The Essential Rail Partner

Our history is rooted in economic development, and so is our future.

It’s time for NCRR to transition from safeguarding the railroad for the future, to creating that future, now. We’re making targeted investments in rail infrastructure that will enhance the state’s efforts to recruit and retain rail-served industry. Additionally, we’ve gained leading rail experts and new business lines so that we can offer best-in-class consulting, industrial development, engineering, and construction services.

These services and increased proactivity will help us provide forward-thinking, rail-centric solutions for our partners, resulting in a modernized railroad corridor that actively expands North Carolina’s competitive advantage.

Our Partners

Railroads, Government, & Third-Party
As the essential partner for rail-related projects or opportunities in North Carolina, NCRR works closely with public and private partners to find the best rail-centric solutions to bring business to the state. Norfolk Southern Corporation, a Class I freight railroad, leases ourtracks through a long-standing agreement. NCRR reinvests its lease and other revenue back into the railroad and the state of North Carolina to ensure the state maintains its competitive advantage.

CSX, also a Class I freight railroad, uses a portion of our corridor as well. We also work closely with the North Carolina Department of Commerce and the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) on capital improvement projects and through passenger rail service offered on our line via Amtrak.

NCRR’s Impact On North Carolina

Source: Measuring The Economic Impact of the North Carolina Railroad in North Carolina

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